Directions to Elite Clinics

The clinic is situated in the centre of Fuengirola, very close to the central square 'la Plaza de la Constitucíon'.

If you are travelling to the clinic by car, there is a large underground carpark in the square, and the clinic is a 2 minute walk from the carpark.

If you are travelling to Fuengirola by bus or train, the clinic is approximately 10 minutes walk from the train station and bus station. Please see the interactive map for more details, or you can download and print detailed directions.

If you have a smart phone, tablet or GPS, the exact location of the clinic is: 36.53825 N | 4.62325 W

When you arrive at la Plaza de la Constitucíon, walk across the square in front of the church and head over to the far corner, where you will see a flower stall and a Barclays Bank. The clinic is in this street that leads off the square towards the sea, by Barclays Bank. It's called 'Calle España'.

After the bank you pass 3 small clothes boutiques on the left hand side, then we are in the next building after that, diagonally opposite the post office - our building is called 'Edificio Buendia', and is painted white, with a glass front door and dark green iron railings (rejas). There's a green and white sign to the left of the front door with 'Elite Clinics' on it. Press the 'Elite Clinics' buzzer and take the lift or stairs to the 3rd floor.