Online Therapy

Completing a course of Psychotherapy sessions online, for most issues, is now the most chosen approach, and it does, to be honest offer an array of benefits. The relatively new online method brings therapists to the living rooms of those living out of town. It also provides access for expats unable to find a native tongue speaking therapist locally. Online therapy is very useful, and often a lifeline to those on very restricted time frames, maybe due to work commitments, or maybe owing to childcare situations. One other benefit is that it enables you to select your therapist based on ability and specialisations, rather than their geographical location, and so you can work with a therapist who has bespoke skills, most suited to your own issues. Additionally, as no travelling is involved, all the associated costs – travel, car parking etc, no longer exist.

An additional possible benefit of online therapy is that for some people at least, it is easier, emotionally safer, to talk to someone, who is initially a stranger, about intimate or personal issues, from the comfort and security of your own home. From a client’s perspective, many find the fact that sessions are available, morning, afternoon, evening, as well as over selected weekends, can be particularly helpful when planning their day to day activities.

In addition to providing online sessions, either on a one off or series basis, the clinic has established a global reputation around its very popular ‘Online Rehab’, ‘Hybrid’ or ‘Virtual Rehab’ treatment packages please follow the link for more information.  Read about online Rehab Here.

Elite Clinics Skype Sessions

Skype, Zoom, FaceTime. Does it Work?

At the Elite Clinic, based in Spain, we have been delivering our various therapy packages globally across all time frames for a number of years. All of our sessions are conducted exclusively on a 1:1 basis. Of course, with the current Covid situation, the demand for online sessions has increased dramatically, encouraging us, like many others, to continually enhance and improve the treatment packages we provide. At Elite we recognise that the decision made by individuals to seek therapy, for whatever problems they may be experiencing, is potentially one of the most important decisions they have ever made. We understand, and fully appreciate, that they are looking for real solutions to their problems: they want to feel improvements as soon as reasonably possible, and they want their therapeutic benefits to last. We know that all our clients are investing their time, energy, money, and trust in the process, and have a right to want, and expect, something significant in return for this investment; our job is to deliver….

Just How Effective Is Online Therapy?

So can online therapy sessions really produce the same results as those experienced in an in-person situation? The maybe surprising answer is: usually, yes!

In general, research studies regarding online and Skype therapy show that:

  • Significant improvements are possible with online therapy
  • Results are equal, or in some cases better, to that of in-person therapy
  • Client satisfaction is high.

A considerable amount of research has been done around online counselling in general, which originally was carried out through emails, instant messaging, or ‘e-learning’. The studies found that not only were online counselling sessions effective, but in some cases it was even more so.

For example, a 2009 study led by the University of Bristol looking at the effects of online cognitive behavioural therapy on those who suffered depression, found a 43% rate of recovery in participants, and one Canadian study even found some subjects had better results with online CBT therapy than in-person CBT.

As for any worries that you won’t have as good a personal connection with your therapist, a 2014 review carried out in Australia on the subject of client-therapist relationships in video therapy positively confirmed that clients felt at least as bonded with their therapist using video conference as those who had in-person therapy.

Providing therapy online has become the ‘Go to Option’ recently, and is growing in both popularity and acceptance. It does require that your therapist is extremely empathetic, and is able to connect deeply with you, without them being in the same room. A therapist is not going to have all of the same visual clues available over a video feed, but a skilled therapist is able to overcome that limitation. It is also important that both you and your therapist have dependable internet connectivity, and a dependable device with Skype, or similar software installed.

Therapy Session Length and Frequency

All therapists will have different preferences around the duration of the sessions, and the frequency in which they are scheduled. Here at Elite we approach the matter a little differently; whilst we will inform you of what, in our opinion, would give you the fastest improvement, we prefer for you to tell us how long you would like each session to last, and how often you wish the sessions to be scheduled. It is common for clients to adjust both length and frequency, once they get into the process.

From our clinic in Spain we continue to provide our very popular ‘Online Rehab’ or ‘Virtual Rehab’ treatment packages.  Read More Here. These are usually incorporated when treating either Cocaine Addiction, or Bulimia. The session frequency for this treatment package will normally be multiple sessions per day, with possible unscheduled telephone calls in between. With these clients we strive to emulate the experience of them actually residing in a rehab centre for a 28 day period, but at a fraction of the normal costs.

Does In-Person Therapy Have Benefits Over Online Therapy?

There are, of course, some elements of therapy that online counselling does make more challenging. A counsellor has to work hard to read all your body language over a video-based session.However, the session will be completed in real-time, and a well-trained online therapist will know to look for verbal cues, eye contact, and other body clues that are signs of stress, or uncertainty.

Do bear in mind that you are the client, and have at any time, the right to cease the therapy and seek a different therapist of your choice. At the Elite clinic, you can, and are welcome, to revert to taking some of your sessions face to face at the clinic.

We Look Forward to Working With You