Pause Button Therapy and TactileCBT

CBT, Clinical Hypnotherapy, and PBT are the tools of Elite Clinics
At the Elite Clinic we have become recognised as developers of new cutting edge approaches in the field of general Therapy and Neuro Psychology, we are proud to regularly welcome therapists from around the world who visit us to train in best practise approaches

Of course it is our private clients that ultimately benefit the most from the many new developments that the clinic has become associated with over recent years.

In addition to using both Hypnotherapy and Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, we now incorporate, when appropriate, either TactileCBT® or Pause Button Therapy® into our treatment protocols, we are proud that both of these new approaches were developed exclusively here at the Elite Clinic.

Treatment provided either at the clinic or online by Zoom or SkypeTactileCBT stands apart from the other CBT approaches by transforming the mechanism for change from a passive process into an active, interactive and tactile experience. TactileCBT incorporates Pause Button Therapy, an approach that has been endorsed (on the grounds of its vast potential and usefulness) by Professors Windy Dryden (Goldsmiths University) and Philip Zimbardo (Standford University).

In the Pause Button Therapy book (Hay House, 2013), Dr Theano Kalavana, University of Cyprus, wrote a chapter named 'Time Perspective & PBT' in which she stated: "PBT is probably the only tool in existence right now that bridges the gap between behavioural intention and actual behaviour and this is what classifies it as an effective therapeutic procedure that can lead to successful behavioural change." TactileCBT, incorporating PBT, is becoming increasingly recognised worldwide as a unique and innovative approach that has the potential to fundamentally change the way that practitioners work with their clients.

Pause Button Therapy PBT, the future of CBT
These new therapies integrate elements of cognitive behavioural therapy, solution focused approaches, cognitive psychology and neuropsychology. They are underpinned by time perspective theory, as proposed by Professor Philip Zimbardo.

For more information about the book 'Pause Button Therapy' Hay house 2013, visit the shopping page on this site, additional information on TactileCBT can be found at


As you will read on other pages of this site, at Elite we have been helping people overcome a number of different problems for many years. Whist we continue to offer non-residential treatment at our clinic in Spain, over the years we have invested a considerable amount of both time and finances creating a cutting edge and very successful distance treatment programme, using Medias such as Zoom, Face Time and Skype. Whilst these sessions can be taken individually, we also offer a full ‘Virtual Rehab’ package, providing multiple sessions each day, along with 24/7 support, in effect mirroring the Rehab experience, but from the comfort and security of your own home, and of course at a fraction of the normal costs. You can read more here.

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National and International Home Visits - Since the first day of opening the clinic, Martin and Marion have offered their unique range of treatment packages to clients around the world in their own homes, for details, prices please feel free to contact the clinic direct by phone or email.

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Magazine Features

Over the last fifteen years, Martin and Marion Shirran, the joint founders of the Elite Clinic have been featured in just about every UK National Newspaper, and in hundreds of magazines, including titles such as Vogue, Marie Claire and Psychologies Magazine. They were flown to New York where their work was the subject of a news special on the Good Morning America TV show. They have also appeared in numerous UK shows. Last year they were interviewed by Holly Willoughby and Philip Schofield on the This Morning TV Show. You can read more in the News Section of this site.

During 2012, Martin and Marion signed a Multi Title International publishing contract with the renown Hay House Publishing House in New York. There first two , best selling books are available globally from Amazon. The forward of the Pause Button Therapy book was written by Professor Philip Zimbardo of Stanford University in Dan Fransisco. The books were also endorsed by Professor Windy Dryden of Goldsmiths University London. Visit the Pause Button Therapy Dedicated Web Site