Quitting Smoking & The New Non-Smokers Route Home

There is a route, a road map that will guide you home from your dependence on cigarettes. After all, you were not born with an addiction to nicotine, it’s just something you learned to do, a bad habit you picked up along the way. Now you simply need to learn the way back to a time when you could enjoy life without smoking. At Elite we have met hundreds of people who want to stop smoking, or at least they tell us that they do, and helping them to achieve their dream can be a challenge, to say the least. The good news of course is that change is possible: changing direction is never quite as hard as we perceive it to be, and often doesn’t come with the expected side effects that experience and the media have led us to believe are inevitable.

The Process of Quitting Smoking

At Elite we really do care about your success: as we are sure you will appreciate, our future depends on it, but it is your personal desire and determination to become a non-smoker that will ultimately dictate the final result.

Smokers decide to stop smoking for reasons that are important to them at that particular time in their life. Unfortunately, as they make the transition into a new, non-smoker, many forget the very reasons that made them stop in the first place; this can often result in a lapse in their commitment. It is therefore vital that you never forget the reasons why you yourself decided to stop and take control of your life.

Falling Back into the Smoking Habit

Don’t fall into the trap of looking back with rose-tinted glasses – keep reminding yourself of the chesty cough you used to suffer from, the stinking ashtrays and clothes, the embarrassment of being the only smoker in the group and feeling like a social outcast in no-smoking environments such as restaurants.

One of the main factors in overcoming any addiction is motivation: if someone is motivated enough they can achieve just about anything in life. As an example, hardened cocaine addicts in the USA who had previously been unsuccessful with just about every type of treatment to overcome their addiction were apparently offered $100,000 cash to produce consistently drug-free urine samples for a period of three months. Miraculously, the addicts all managed to stay clean for the trial period, whereas previously three days had been the best result.

Similarly, people who have been overweight for most of their life, and then suffer a stroke or heart attack, when told by their doctor to lose weight in order to avoid further risk, suddenly find that they can stick to a diet and lose weight easily, whereas prior to their health scare, of course, this had seemed an impossible feat.

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