Relationship, Couples & Marriage Counselling

Helping people with problems in their relationship can be a challenge, and ultimately very rewarding for both the clients and the therapist when a satisfactory outcome is reached. Sadly it is a fact that many clients wait to seek assistance for their relationship problems when the issues have become very complex, ingrained and often difficult to resolve.

Private Counselling Sessions

All relationship sessions are private, where couples and the counsellor are alone in a room and the counsellor will discuss any relationship disputes between the couple. In order for the counsellor to determine the root cause of any relationship disputes, the counsellor would:

  • Determine the role of each partner in the relationship.
  • Determine the interaction between the couple.
  • Discuss any specific issues the couple may have.
  • Based on the couple’s role and interaction model, the counsellor will then usually make recommendations in how to resolve any disputes.

The initial start of treatment will involve both parties attending a session together, this would be followed by at least one session each with the clients individually.

How does Relationship Counselling Work?

Most relationships aren’t perfect; each person brings his or her own ideas, values, opinions and personal history into a relationship, and they don’t always match their partner’s. Those differences don’t necessarily mean your relationship is bound for strife; on the contrary, they can be complementary — you’ve probably heard the saying about how opposites attract. These differences can also help people understand, respect and accept opposing views and cultures.

But relationships can be stretched: differences or habits that you once found endearing may now get on your nerves. Sometimes, specific issues, such as an extramarital affair, will trigger conflict in a relationship: other times, there’s a gradual disintegration of communication and caring.

Whatever the cause, distress in a relationship can create undue stress, tension, sadness, worry, fear and other problems. You may hope your relationship troubles will just go away on their own, but if left to fester, a bad relationship may only worsen and eventually lead to physical or psychological problems, such as depression. Relationship problems can also have a negative effect on your work, other family members, particularly children, as well as friendships, as people you are close to feel compelled to take sides.

At Elite we recognise that the decision made by couples to seek therapy for relationship problems is potentially one of the most important decisions they have ever made. We understand that they are looking for real solutions to their problems: they want to feel improvements as soon as reasonably possible, and they want their therapeutic benefits to last. We know that all our clients are investing their time, energy, money, and trust in the process and have a right to want something significant in return for this investment.

The results of a significant body of research overwhelmingly supports the effectiveness of general Psychotherapy sessions, underpinned with Cognitive Behaviour Therapy for a wide range of problems, including relationship difficulties. At the Elite Clinic we incorporate into our treatment protocol our own registered updated version of CBT – PBT which has proven to be of incredible value and benefit to couples seeking solutions to their problems.

Opening up, and discussing often private personal matters with a relative stranger is never easy, so ensuring that you both feel happy, safe and confident with your chosen therapist / counsellor is vital. To ensure we assist in this evaluation, at Elite we offer all couples a completely free initial consultation to determine firstly whether they are both mutually happy with the chosen therapist and the clinic’s facilities and abilities to help them overcome their problems and move forward in their relationship, and secondly, to talk around whether therapy will be beneficial to them.

The Two Most Asked Questions About Relationships:

Does it work? Can you save our marriage / relationship? It is not an easy question to answer, but if both parties want to ‘Fix’ the problem, and are committed to doing so, then the answer is often a resounding yes! Even when there has been infidelity in a relationship, there are interventions that can be incorporated to help both parties move forward.

How Much Does it Cost? Sessions are charged at €80 each. How many sessions will you require? Honestly it is impossible to answer… it could be as few as five, but we will not be in a position to advise until the first couple of sessions are complete.

Please feel free to pick up the phone for an informal chat at any time.