Stopping Smoking Therapy

At the Elite Clinic, Martin Shirran, the joint clinical director provides two options to those wishing to stop smoking: The first option which is provided in various formats by most therapists offering Stop Smoking treatment involves two sessions: the first session lasts approximately two hours, the second session, takes around one hour. Both sessions will include both CBT and Hypnotherapy, the desired outcome is that the client will have stopped smoking after session two.

The second, alternative approach, is called ‘Tapering’ and it is completed over three sessions. The basic therapy is similar to the normal approach, with each session incorporating both CBT and Hypnotherapy. The basic concept is to help the client to reduce his daily consumption of cigarettes over a three week period, reducing his nicotine dependence.

As an example, a client arriving for his first session informing us that he smokes say 20 cigarettes a day, will, with therapy, be shown, and guided to enable them over the first week to slowly reduce their daily intake down to ten cigarettes per day. During the second session, the same approach will be used to ensure they reduce their consumption down to five per day by the time of the third and final session, at which time the therapy is designed to stop them smoking completely. The premise behind the ‘Tapering’ approach is that when the cigarette consumption, and the nicotine dependence, are greatly reduced, it is profoundly easier to stop them smoking.

How does Smoking Therapy Work?

The pleasant, relaxed and enjoyable treatment incorporates two or three private one to one sessions (depending on the approach chosen), with your own qualified therapist. The clinic is ultra-modern, air-conditioned and has been designed to make you feel comfortable and relaxed during your visit. On your arrival at the clinic your therapist will be happy to answer any questions you may have, and to address any possible concerns.
Everyone is welcome to call in for an informal chat, (booking not required, but recommended), and potential clients are always offered a completely free of charge, initial consultation if required.

Elite have built their reputation not only in Spain, but also with their growing number of international clients, by striving to always exceed their clients’ level of expectation in the area of customer service and total satisfaction. All clients are automatically contacted between their first and second sessions, to ensure that they are not experiencing any unusual cravings; clients are re-contacted five days after completing their treatment to check that everything is to their satisfaction, and to make sure that Elite continually improves on the level of service offered.

Stop Smoking Therapy can be undertaken at the clinic, or by Skype, Zoom, or FaceTime. Martin and Marion can also provide the treatment face to face in your own home.

Elite incorporate their own highly successful triple therapy (Psychology, CBT and Hypnotherapy) approach to Stopping Smoking, which is as close to effortless as we can make it. Stopping smoking via hypnotherapy alone has been proven to be three times more successful than using Nicotine Replacement Therapy (e.g. patches etc). Using the triple therapy approach further increases the success rate. The package also includes support and advice regarding fears of unwanted weight gain, a complimentary stop smoking survival kit, plus back-up sessions, if necessary, at the client’s convenience.

If you really want to quit, to be free of your dependency on nicotine, to enjoy better health and be in control of your destiny, you should consider undertaking Elite’s Triple Therapy. It has the potential to ensure you become a happy, relaxed, non-smoker as quickly and effortlessly as possible, with minimum side effects.  At Elite we specialise in smoking cessation, being dedicated experts in the field of weight loss and smoking psychology.

“Do it today. It really will be a walk in the park”

But what about afterwards, those first few weeks….Top Gun Survival Tips

Terrorists, as you will discover, are everywhere: you may not believe it at first, but you will quickly discover it for yourself. During your first couple of weeks as a non-smoker you just cannot escape them. They will be disguised as friends, colleagues, partners and even lovers. Most of the time they will not even be aware of what they are doing; don’t blame them, it is not intentional.

They will use their own covert, terrorist tactics, some are even more extreme than we can explain in this booklet, but be ready; anticipation will be your best defense. Their actions may be disguised as something as simple as them doing something that upsets you, or they may let you down at the last minute with regard to an arranged leisure event, leaving you alone, bored and vulnerable. Was it on purpose? Who knows? Why do they repeatedly offer you cigarettes, saying afterwards: “Sorry, I keep forgetting you packed in. I won’t do it again.” Then they do, a mere twenty minutes later.

Some of the more common tricks they use will include informing you completely out of the blue that they are having a party. They may not have had one in the previous ten years, but now it’s an all night affair, complimentary bar and planned to ensure you’re the only non-smoker invited. Often they will lie and say it’s a birthday or anniversary. A terrorist was recently intercepted planning his wedding day around his so-called best friend’s first non-smoking weekend. How selfish is that?!

You will notice that even though you may have gone months without being invited to a major social event, now they will come up on a daily basis. Terrorists disguised as friends will keep phoning and asking you things like: “How is it going?” “What’s the craving like?” “Are you having trouble sleeping?” “How much weight have you put on so far?” Others will love telling you that it will never work: they know this because their aunt Rose saw a Hypnotist (not a Hypnotherapist) on Blackpool Pier when on a works coach outing back in the sixties, and it only lasted two days for her.

Mysterious events designed to test you to the limit will occur in the first few weeks – your car will be towed away or scratched, you will lose your mobile phone and fall out with your partner, you will argue with your best friends, and your smoking friends will try every trick in the book to trip you up.

The sad fact is that the terrorists are normally all smokers. Your success is the ultimate threat to them: it is much better for them if you fail, because they won’t have to face up to the conclusion that if you can quit then they can too.

Remember the motto of the SAS – “Who dares wins!”