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At the Elite Clinic we use a combination of therapies, some of which were developed in house resulting in them being unique and exclusive to Elite clients. These include TactileCBT/Pause Button Therapy. This new 'Twist' - 'Upgrade' to conventional CBT approaches has been welcomed by many academics including Professor Windy Dryden of Goldsmiths College London and Professor Philip Zimbardo of Stanford University in the USA. Martin and Marion along with Dr. Sarah Clarke were invited to present the new therapy at two international psychology conferences, at Coimbra University in Portugal and Warsaw University in Poland.You can read more about TactileCBT and Pause Button Therapy by visiting the dedicated PBT web site.

All of the treatment plans provided at the clinic are available online via either Zoom or Skype, allowing you to complete the treatment in the comfort and security of your own home. The sessions will be provided exclusively by either Martin or Marion Shirran, on a strictly one on one basis, each completed using the same protocols as if you were sitting in the clinic, details here. The clinic also provides a Non Residential Rehab package, visit this page for dedicated information. Additionally, Martin and Marion continue to travel Internationally to provide treatment in clients homes, please contact us for details.

After attending the Post Graduate Training in London, we are pleased to also offer, the proven Hypnotherapy intervention around the treating of Dementia, as researched and developed by Dr D Nightingale and Dr S Duff. More Information here.

In addition to treating a small number of private clients each month at the clinic, along with the training of visiting therapists in the new approaches, Martin and Marion continue to work on the development and improvement of traditional approaches, ensuring they and the clinic remain at the 'Cutting Edge' of patient/client centered therapeutic interventions. Below is a non-exhaustive selection of the problems treated at the clinic:

Should you require additional information regarding any of the problems listed above please email us with details and we will be happy to email you the appropriate information.

The type of therapy and the combinations used obviously vary and depend on the particular problem being treated and of course the individual concerned: it could as an example involve just basic counselling, Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, Neuro Linguistic Programming, Hypnotherapy, TactileCBT® or Pause Button Therapy or a general combination, or one being used to underpin another. Please visit our Therapies page for more information.

Please visit the Appointments Page to make a payment or deposit for your session at Elite Clinics.

We always recommend that, where appropriate, clients seek advice from their GP before starting on a course of therapy sessions with us.